Nature’s Bounty 

Works by: Nicasio Fernandez, Victoria Duffee, Emma Stern, Andrea Berghart, Paige Turner-Uribe, Marianne Hurum, Sterling Bartlett, Chris Retsina, and Andrew Chuani Ho

                  July 15, 2017 – August 26, 2017

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                       SHOW BIZ by Carly Mark

                            June 10, 2017 – July 8, 2017

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             Shhhhhh by Don Pablo Pedro

               May 6, 2017 – June 3, 2017


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                      PUBLIC FUN by Drake Carr

                 March 25, 2017 – April 26, 2017

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                             Domestic Tranquility 

 Our inaugural group show with works by: Todd Bienvenu, Dickon Drury,                   Constance Tenvik, Kristy Luck,  Claire Milbrath, Heath West, Duda Bubek,                         Shaun Ellison, Andre Ethier, Tim Hoyt, Louise Sheldon, Becky Kolsrud, Darby           Milbrath, Katelyn Eichwald, Ally White, Cyril Kuhn, Tess Bilhartz, Andrea Nahkla,             Justin Samson, Morgan Mandalay, Paul Metrinko,  Diego Groisman, Curtis Santiago,       and Irena Jurek.

                   February 24, 2017 – March 25, 2017


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