Got It For Cheap is a traveling series of group shows including  750+ artists. All works are original works on paper and sold for the low price of $30 USD, or the local equivalent.  The goal of GIFC is to make buying original art accessible to all people and to give young artists a platform to sell their work and be exposed to a worldwide audience. 

2017 GIFC shows:

  •  May 26-28 Art Athina Fair in Athens, Greece.
  • August 11-12 at Macaulay & Co Fine Art in Vancouver, B.C.
  • September 1-2 Soulland in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • September 25 at The Hole in NYC
  • October 27-29th at Rod Bianco Gallery in Oslo.
  • November 11th at Gallery Steinsland Berliner in Stockholm.
  • December 1-3rd at 0-0 LA in Los Angeles, CA
  • December 21-22nd at Atlanta Contemporary in Atlanta, GA 

2018 GIFC shows:

  •  Feb 16 GIFC at R/SF Projects in San Francisco, CA
  • Feb 17 Velvet Ropes edition at R/SF Projects in San Francisco, CA 
  • March 3 at GIFC Mass Gallery in Austin, TX
  • March 11 Velvet Ropes edition at NADA Art Fair, NYC 
  • April 1st Velvet Ropes LA at 0-0 LA 
  • April 21st Velvet Ropes at David Risley Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • April 28th GIFC KC at Drugstore KC in Kansas City, MO
  • May 12th Artist picks series(curated by Mike Swaney) in Barcelona, Spain
  • May GIFC in Berlin, Germany
  • June 16 GIFC at Fisher Parrish in Brooklyn
  • June 15 Artist picks series(curated by Ricardo Passaporte) at Balcony Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal  
  • June 21-24 at GIFC Art Athina Art Fair in Athens, Greece
  • July 28 at GIFC Western Exhibitions in Chicago, IL.
  • August 4 GIFC at Pt 2 Gallery in Oakland, CA 
  • August 5 Velvet Ropes at Pt 2 Gallery in Oakland, CA 
  • August-September GIFC Norway Tour hosted by Galleri Golsa
  • October GIFC at Atlanta Contemporary in Atlanta, GA 

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